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TrackThrough new version 1.4.3 released


new trackthrough screenshot

TrackThrough version 1.4.3


What's new in version 1.4.3?


check Copy issue feature [new]

check New theme: Lime and Black [new]

check Admin login name edit issue fixed [bug fix]

check Uploads folder [security fix]

check Layout changes in dashboard, admin site settings page, profile page, user      registration page.

check User can't delete his own message when the task/issue is closed [new]

check Task export feature [new]

check Wider layout and fixed header

check Disallow user deletion [new]

check Change owner/lead feature [new]

check issue export bug [bug fix]

check Attachment type settings by admin [new]

check HTML encoding issue in tooltips [bug fix]

check Message display issue during blank attachement upload. [bug fix]

check Display issue when attachment name is too long [bug fix]

check Once the task is unassigned for the team, the respective message is sent to team, team is unable to read the message (the unread message is kept as unread only). It's status doesn't change, and the message icon doesn't disappear [bug fix]

check The user is able to assign the user who does not have execute task permission [bug fix]

check Progress value remains same when task is copied from one project to another [bug fix]

check Text wrapping issue usually when there are long characters without any gap (Fixed in all browsers except opera-9.64) [bug fix]