What is TrackThrough?
TrackThrough is an application that monitors, tracks and plans the activities of a particular project. The software acts as a common place online but yet private to exchange the required information and documents through.
Features of TrackThrough:
  • Defines projects and tasks
  • Leads and teams concept
  • Streamlines work flow and aids in task assignment and delegation
  • Tracking issues
  • Progress reporting relating to tasks and issues
Why TrackThrough?
Although there are a range of other project management software options available to business, which even in some cases offer better features, TrackThrough is simple, easy to use and is an extremely efficient tool to work with. It is designed to have very few features, but just enough to achieve what one needs to within a business such as:
  • It is an excellent add-on to your current website to monitor projects.
  • It acts as a shared document repository but is still private enough to distribute the required documents through.
  • Teams and projects can be managed remotely.
  • It is a FREE application (includes complete source).
TrackThrough is designed to be used by many businesses. These include consulting firms, small to medium sized companies, professional firms as well as educational institutions.
TrackThrough is freely available for any purpose, please visit license page for more details.
We welcome your suggestions and feedbacks to make it simpler‚ leaner and useful.
Please feel free to write to us for any questions or feedbacks.