Upgrading from version 1.4.3 to 1.4.4

1. Please make a backup of your current installation folder and database.
2. Download TrackThrough version 1.4.4
Download the latest trackthrough_1_4_4.zip from https://www.bispark.com/trackthrough/download and extract (unzip) this to a temporary directory.
e.g.: extract trackthrough_1_4_4.zip to /temp/trackthrough_1_4_4.
Copy the contents of includes, manual, mini, resources and scripts folder from above download to your current installation.
cp /temp/trackthrough_1_4_4/includes to /var/www/trackthrough/
cp /temp/trackthrough_1_4_4/manual
to /var/www/trackthrough/
cp /temp/trackthrough_1_4_4/mini
to /var/www/trackthrough/
cp /temp/trackthrough_1_4_4/resources
to /var/www/trackthrough/
cp /temp/trackthrough_1_4_4/scripts
to /var/www/trackthrough/
3. Edit config.ini file
Edit config.ini file in your installation folder as shown below:
attachment_icons_folder = attachment_icons
version = 1.4.4

default_theme = black

4. Run upgrade script
Open command console, change to scripts folder.
e.g.: cd /temp/trackthrough/scripts
Run db_upgrade_to_1_4_4.php script as shown below:
e.g.: php db_upgrade_to_1_4_4.php
Caution: Please change the localhost, username, password, database name and prefix according to your previous installation settings in the db_upgrade_to_1_4_4.php file.