Getting started

Welcome to TrackThrough!
It is advisable for all newcomers who are not familiar with TrackThrough to start and go through our introduction set.
TrackThrough can be downloaded from this link:
And for newcomers who require some assistance with installing TrackThrough, you can find the installation instructions.

Below are some terms to familiarise yourself with:
Admin: A user, who has access to all the features of TrackThrough.
Leads: A user who can lead a group of projects and teams, define projects, tasks and can assign tasks to teams.
Teams: A group of users who execute tasks, they can only access their own tasks.
Attachments: Documents shared through a project and task messages.
Project: A collection of tasks.
Tasks: Tasks are the activities that make a project.
Issues: An issue is a trouble ticket or incident ticket recorded by testers or end users.
Messages(Comments): Information, feedback or instructions pertaining to a task or project.

TrackThrough concepts
TrackThrough is a web application and has the following:
  • Web Client which is accessed using your browser.
  • Application backend which is installed in a location at web server.